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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Rainbow House hosted its 3rd Annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Event on September 23, 2017. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is the International Men’s March to raise community awareness to end gender violence. The event proved to be a success with 63 Walkers showing up to walk one mile in women’s high-heeled shoes. About half of the walkers participating in the event have walked all three years! These brave men were supported by family and friends that cheered them on along the way. We were very pleased to have school teams such as Marinette Soccer and GPS Education Partners participate in the walk! The community supported these men by raising over $14,000.00 for Rainbow House! The money raised will be used to provide transportation and relocation services to clients.

There was a reception ceremony at the completion of the Walk. A panel of local celebrities judged  the “Best Dressed”, “Best Decorated Shoe”, and “Best Team Theme” competitions. Mark Wisinski won the award for “Most Money Raised” for collecting $2,600.00!! Dan Peterson of Stephenson National Bank won the award for “Best Dressed”, as he rocked the crowd with his fabulous prom dress. Mark Wisinski won the award for “Best Decorated Shoe”, as he strutted around in his knee-high platform boots with the Walk-a-Mile logo. Marinette Soccer team stole the show and won the award for “Best Team Theme” as the entire team did the cha-cha in front of the judge’s table!

Rainbow House couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of the event and the tremendous community support that was shown for a great cause. We would like to thank all of our generous sponsors and volunteers for making this unique event possible. We look forward to hosting this playful event next year.

5K Run a Big Success!
On Saturday, May 20th, Marinette Middle School Seventh Grader Ava Dahlman organized a 5K Run for the Rainbow event to benefit the Rainbow House.  Ava was inspired to do the project because she learned about abuse in school and wanted to do something to help the cause.  We’re so grateful for her community activism!  Approximately 50 participants took place in this Run/Walk.  Ava raised $863.43 for Rainbow House, as well as a ton of community awareness.  Thanks, Ava!  You are amazing!
Yoga Fundraisers Lead to Compassionate Giving

Inner Beauty Reflects Outwardly

Ever imagined you could combine your passions to make a difference in the world?

Here’s how Independent Beauty Consultant Kimberly Manthey paired her love for The Mary Kay Foundation℠ and her longstanding yoga practice to help women.

Initially taking up yoga as a tool for health, wellness and well-being 20 years ago, Kimberly now enjoys teaching yoga and leading retreats worldwide.

When Independent Sales Director Susan Hartman proposed tapping into yoga to support a cause they both love—The Mary Kay Foundation℠—Kimberly felt immediately inspired to teach. With support from Susan’s generous unit, they held three donation-based yoga class fundraisers for the 13th annual Team Up for Women!® Challenge.

Independent Sales Directors from the McCoy Emeritus Area enthusiastically promoted the event. More than 40 eager yogis of all levels participated, giving a drop-in class amount of $10-$15 or more.

“We had a lot of fun, and it felt so fulfilling bringing women together in a purposeful way,” shares Kimberly. “At each class, Susan explained how our Mary Kay® businesses brings women together and empowers them. We were thrilled the yoga sessions raised $600!”

Highlighting the Foundation’s mission to end domestic violence, Courtney Olson, Kimberly’s yoga student and the Executive Director of Rainbow House Domestic Abuse Services, Inc., presented a riveting account of that organization’s work.

“I wanted to hold an event where beauty—inside and outside—could come together and we could show our customers that Mary Kay® is a Company that truly has a heart!” exclaims Susan.

“Thank you to our McCoy family who helped make this a success, while honoring the need and want for safety in all of us. We look forward to making an even bigger splash next year and in the years to come!”

And their giving has since gained more momentum.

Kimberly and Independent Beauty Consultant Marla Sunstrom recently visited the Rainbow House domestic violence shelter, treating the residents and staff to facial pampering sessions and a restorative yoga class.

They distributed more than 40 donated goodie bags filled with lip balms, nail polishes, cleansers and moisturizers. In addition, Kimberly’s regular yoga students generously contributed another $700 to the shelter.

“This has been an incredibly meaningful experience for all of us,” reflects Kimberly. “As the new year begins, I’m so looking forward to doing more of these events in the future!”

Ready to join in a yoga fundraiser class for the 13th annual Team Up for Women!® challenge!

More than 40 enthusiastic yogis of all levels participated during three classes.

Peaceful, restorative moments during class.

Independent Beauty Consultants Kimberly Manthey and Marla Sunstrom, and Independent Sales Director Susan Hartman champion generous giving.

Outstanding Student Notice:  Jillian Black

During the summer of 2011, eight-year-old Jillian Black of Shawano wanted to have a lemonade stand at her grandparents’ three-day rummage sale in Oconto Falls. Instead of keeping her profits, she chose to donate to Rainbow House. “I chose Rainbow House because I know they help people in scary situations.”

Every year she dutifully rose early and was ready to sell by 8:00am each morning. After each year, Jillian’s parents would tally up the amount she raised and match her. After 5 years of donating to the Rainbow House, her total sales were $446.50 with the money she raised and the money her parents used to match her donation.

“Not only did I help people but I had an incredible time doing it.  When I was selling cookies, people would ask me ‘are you saving up for your piggy bank?’  I’d say, ‘No, I’m raising money for the local domestic abuse shelter.’ Then they’d say ‘Wow!  I think I’ll take three instead of two!’ or ‘Wow, I didn’t think young people were so thoughtful.’  Sometimes people would just donate money or say ‘Keep the change.’  It was awesome!”

Rainbow House would like to acknowledge Jillian for her outstanding selflessness, as demonstrated by her continual efforts to raise money for the Rainbow House. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed.  Jillian was presented with a certificate of excellence this fall, as pictured.
Jillian Black and Rainbow House certificate photo

Jillian Black and Rainbow House certificate photo.jpg



Rainbow House received a $10,000 grant from Avon Foundation!

Rainbow House photo

Pictured from Left to Right, Greg Goetzman – Rainbow House Board, Renee Hable, Avon, Kay Williams, Rainbow House Staff, Courtney Olson, Hope/Rainbow House, Tamara Leanna, Hope Team, Jessica Honish, Hope/Rainbow House, and Sandra Wellens, Nominating Avon Representative

This grant will support our collaborative community project, the Hope Domestic Violence Homicide Help Team.  http://www.hopedomesticviolencehomicidehelp.com

Safer, Sounder, Better Lives. For over 60 years, the Avon Foundation for Women has been a driving force behind charitable, scientific, educational and humanitarian work that improves the lives of women and their families.

Avon’s efforts to eradicate breast cancer and end domestic and gender violence worldwide have helped move these issues out of the shadows and into the public dialogue. And as attitudes continue to change – from fear and isolation to knowledge, action and empowerment – so do the lives of countless women everywhere.

Robert & Jeanine Dagenais Foundation


Jessica Honish (middle) accepts a $500 check from Riverside Auto staff, Erica Sutherland (left) and Corey Fifarek (right).

The owners of our local Riverside Auto in Marinette annually show their support in our community.  Thanks to the Dagenais Foundation for all they do in our local community!

Rock the House

What’s happening?

Haliwel, Left of Reason, and Almost Nothing are invading north of the wall! Come party with us and the wildlings (these are all Game of Thrones references). Saturday we will be up in Escanaba. The last Rock the House raised over $5000 for the Rainbow House! Get your ticket at Main Street Electric Tattoo or https://squareup.com/store/haliwel/item/rock-the-house-ticket

Get to the show and support your community! If you know of anyone that would like to donate an item to the silent auction, please comment with contact information.


Friday, August 12th 2016 06:00pm


Iron Works Restaurant

1333 Main St.
Marinette, WI  54143


Jessica from the Rainbow House receives a contribution on behalf of the Rainbow House from Lori Skarban from the 2nd Annual George Skarban Moped Ride…Thanks to all friends who came out and had fun…$220….planning next year’s event soon.  Mark your calendars for next June 3rd,2017..it’s a Saturday…




John Peters copy

For a link to this article celebrating a local hero, please click here!  John Peters


 Rainbow House is the proud recipient of a Walmart Community Grant!  Our local store provided a contribution of $500 as part of a hunger relief initiative.  Rainbow House has used this donation to procure a locally and sustainably raised quarter of beef from Nelson Farm.  Thanks for the Community Support!


Walmart Team Member Andrew presenting $500 to  Lead Advocate Jessica




   @ Menominee, MI Burger King

     Every Tuesday evening between

   4PM and 7PM   20% of ALL sales

will go directly to the

   Rainbow House

 Please come and show your support!

John Peters Community Service Award


John Peters is recognized by Rainbow House Staff for FIFTEEN years of volunteer service!  John has selflessly attended to the structural needs of our aging facility, helped clients relocate into new housing, and provided an exemplary role model for the children in our program.  Thanks for all you have done!




Rainbow House and the Marinette/Oconto CCR Teams are sponsoring the Second Annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Event scheduled for April 16th at 1:00 pm, starting and ending at Rainbow House in Marinette.
Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is a playful opportunity for men to raise awareness in the community about the serious causes and effects of domestic violence and sexual assault. We ask men to literally walk a mile in women’s high heel shoes. It’s fun and it gets the community to talk about something that’s really difficult to talk about.
If you would like to participate in this event, or would like more details about the event, please contact Jennifer, legal advocate for Rainbow House, at (715) 735-6656.
April 16th at 1:00 pm

For more information, click…

2016 WAM Save the Date

TransCanadaTC_CORP_no tagline_2CPOS_RGB

Rainbow House Domestic Abuse Services, Inc. is proud to announce sponsorship of our organization’s Transition to Safety initiative by TransCanada Corporation!  As survivors of domestic violence establish independence, many find themselves needing to furnish new living quarters.  Our clients often come into shelter with little more than the clothes they are wearing.  Over the course of their time in shelter, clients work with Advocates to find employment and affordable housing.  When the time comes to transition, Rainbow House works to ensure that the survivor’s new household is set up with the basics needed.  Formerly, donated beds were available in our community through a voucher program.  With a resurgence of bed bugs throughout Wisconsin, many of our partnering agencies no longer can accept donations of beds.  In collaboration with Lauerman’s Furniture, TransCanada Corporation is making ten new box spring, mattress, and bedframe sets available for clients and their children.  Everyone deserves a safe place to sleep, and to dream of a brighter future, free from violence.  Thank you, TransCanada Corporation, for making a Transition to Safety possible.


Rainbow House 2016 Statistics


Shelter Clients


Total Shelter Clients 89 (Adults = 40 and Children = 49)

Marinette County _21_ Adults & _21_ Children

Oconto County _6_Adults & _12_ Children

Other Counties _13_ Adults & _16_ Children


Shelter Night 3056 this year vs. 1551 in 2015 (a 97% increase)

{total nights of each adult & child staying with us.}

Marinette County –1545     Oconto County – 1134     Other Counties – 377


Outreach Clients Served


Marinette County – 286        Oconto County – 134       Other – 32


Female – 395     Male – 57


Ages   0 – 17     = 66

Ages   18 – 24   = 59

Ages 25 – 49       = 265

Ages   50 – 59   = 36

Ages 60 & over = 26



Persons with Disabilities Served: _57_ – Last year: 28


Agency Hot Line Calls: ___325___ – Last year: 425


We assisted clients with a total of __3071__Advocate services – last year: 1506

Marinette County: 1947                  Oconto County: 724             Other: 400


Which resulted into a total of _2452__hours of Advocate Contact vs. 1134.5 hours last year

Marinette County: 1621                 Oconto County: 493.5       Other: 337.5




Restraining Orders & PPO’s –   97 vs. Last Year 50


Restraining Orders How Many 2016 How Many 2015
Domestic Abuse 35 15
Harassment 43 25
Child Abuse 7 4
Individuals at Risk 7 3
Personal Protection Orders 5 3


Assisted in Pro Se Divorces                  76 This Year                       39 Last Year


Children Education


Preventive Programming for Children & Youth 4368 student vs. 2881 last year



Secure Donations

United Way

Tri-City Area

United Way

Tri-City Area United Way serves Marinette/Oconto, WI, & Menominee, MI, Counties.