Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse does not choose a gender. Ultimately anyone can become a victim.



Male Victims of Domestic Violence

Every year in the United States about 3.2 million men are the victims of an assault by an intimate partner. Many are minor incidents (pushing, slapping or hitting), though many are more serious and some fatal.

Men are reluctant to report abuse because they fear no one will believe them. Abuse towards men is hard to grasp.

Being humiliated in front of people or being belittled takes away confidence. Such degradation may make a man feel worthless.

Male abuse is rarely reported.

Up to 26% of homosexual men, 29% of straight men, and 39% of bisexual men have reported being the victims of domestic abuse. Up to 48% of men have experienced psychological and emotional abuse by an intimate partner. (Centers for Disease Control)

Most men won’t admit they are in an abusive relationship. Men are taught they should be the stronger partner in a relationship. When an intimate partner hurts a man, it can damage his sense of masculinity.

Signs of Abuse

Emotional abuse is the most common form of domestic abuse, but it is the hardest form of abuse to detect. Does your partner

  • Insult or humiliate you?
  • Belittle you?
  • Blame you for problems in the relationship?
  • Keep tabs on your schedule and location?
  • Isolate you from friends and family?
  • Try to make trouble between you and your friends?
  • Take your money?
  • Use sex and intimacy to control you?
  • Read your mail, texts, instant messages, phone calls etc.?
  • Hide your keys or your phone?
  • Accuse you of abuse?
  • Not let you leave?
  • Abandon you?

Physical Abuse can include

  • Threatening others or pets
  • Keeping you from sleeping
  • Spitting, slapping, pushing, hitting, kicking, restraining
  • Endangering your safety by driving erratically

If any of this information pertains to your relationship, or to a friend’s or family member’s, please seek help. You are not alone.

Rainbow House does not discriminate against those seeking services based on gender, gender identification, race, color, religion, handicap, family status, national origin or sexual orientation.

If you need help call us.

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The National Domestic Violence Hotline

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We Believe

No one deserves to be abused emotionally, physically, sexually, financially or in any other way.


Invisible Victims: Men in abusive Relationships- by Dr. Nerdlove 6/16/14

Intimate Partner Violence Against Men- by Jerry Kennard Men’s Health Expert

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