My Plan Phone App

Step 1: Download App “One Love My Plan”

Step 2: Help Yourself or a Friend

The My Plan App is designed to help women and their friends to determine if a relationship is unsafe. It is completely anonymous and private, protected by a pin. Consider uninstalling the app after you have finished.

Step 3: Danger Assessment

The Danger Assessment enables a user to answer a series of questions resulting in a score representing the danger from variable to extreme. While violence of any magnitude is unacceptable, seeing a high score can be a wake-up call for a dangerous situation.

Step 4: Planning Tool

The Planning Tool helps create an action plan by assessing and weighing the user’s preferences and situation. Users compare factors of commitment to relationship, privacy, social life, safety, and studies to better understand their priorities and decide on an action plan from the suggested strategies.

Step 5: Available Resources

The app also provides access to trained advocate support 24/7 through an embedded live chat function from our trusted partner, If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.  Rainbow House has Advocates available locally (FREE and CONFIDENTIAL) 24 hours a day at (800) 956-6656.


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