Safety Planning

The following are a list of options that can help you plan for the safety of yourself and/or children before an episode of violence or abuse occurs. These steps are merely suggestions and will not prevent a violent episode from happening. If you follow any of these steps and continue to experience abuse, it is not your fault!

  • Program 911 into your cell phone speed dial.
  • Know the Shelter’s 24-hour hotline number: (715) 735-6656
  • Don’t get trapped in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Plan an escape route. Have a safe place to go after you have escaped.
  • Take your children with you.
  • Hide an extra car key and cash for emergency use.
  • Gather important papers and phone numbers. Store them with a friend.
  • Tell a friend or neighbor about your partner’s violent behavior.
  • Arrange a signal so a child, friend, or neighbor knows to call the police if needed.
  • Pack a bag for emergencies. Include clothes, medications, and children’s favorite toys.

Whether you need someone to talk to, information, support, or help creating a personalized safety plan, there are people at the Rainbow House who can help.  If you would like to speak with someone, please call our 24-hour hotline at (715) 735-6656.

Rainbow House Agency Mission Statement

We believe: No one deserves to be abused be it emotionally, physically, financially, or sexually. Our prime service is the safety and empowerment of all victims and their children.  We Will: Provide prevention, education, and information to communities, families, and schools.