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What is the Impact on Children of Witnessing Domestic Violence?

Our Youth Advocate often gets parent questions about what signs to expect if your child has witnessed abuse and what they maybe per age group.  In order to help and support your child, please check out the following resource:

Our goal is to provide the armor necessary for prevention of abuse through education and information to community families and schools.

Our Youth & Teen interactive programs are designed to prevent domestic violence, teen dating violence, bullying and suicides. Youth & Teen Services helps build healthy self-esteem and safeguards into the daily lives of area youth.

Grade Level:  2nd grade –  Tulip’s Safety Program
Length:  3 sessions

Objective: To create awareness about domestic abuse, the effects on a family and how Rainbow House can help.  This programming also focuses on non-violent conflict resolution techniques. Each child will create their own safety plan, and be able to identify five safe adults and three safe places within their homes.

Grade Level:  4th or 5th grade – My Friendships
Length: 2 sessions

Objective:  To help students understand the importance of respect and what it means to be a good friend.  This is to help students recognize what disrespectful, bullying, or abusive behavior looks like. Students will learn how to be safe at home and at school.

Grade Level:: 6th, 7th, and 8th –  Healthy Relationships and Me
Length: 2 sessions

Objective:  For young adults to recognize that a strong and positive self-image and self-esteem plays an important role in relationships and setting boundaries. Also this program introduces them to warning signs of unhealthy dating relationships.

Grade Level::  9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th – Dating Violence
Length: 3 sessions

Objective:  The programming focuses on warning signs, the cycle of abuse, safety planning as well as how to help to friend in an abusive relationship.