Legal Advocacy


What is Legal Advocacy?

Legal Advocacy include the provision of support through the legal system and assistance in dealing with concerned county and state agencies. This type of help may include safety planning and help filing a restraining order. Help understanding all of these processes is available.

First and Third Mondays of Each Month

9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Housing Authority Building
926 Main St, Wausaukee, WI

Walk ins or Scheduled Appointments are welcomed
Contact: Joette at (800) 956-6656 or (715) 735-6656



  • Restraining Orders
  • Safety Planning
  • Judicare Assistance
  • Community Resources & Referrals
  • Hygiene & Food Boxes


Do I Have To Be A Shelter Resident To Get Help?

No. Rainbow House helps much more of the population than those who are temporary residents at the shelter. Just call for an appointment.


Youth Advocacy

What is youth advocacy? In-shelter services include one-on-one meetings between a minor and a Youth Advocate to explore feelings about what’s happening with all of the changes. These meetings generally take place during adult support group times. The aim is to help find healthy ways for kids to navigate through this uncertain time for their family.

Do I Have To Be A Shelter Resident To Get Help?

Youth Advocates at the shelter also have their own toll-free number for being reached by youth in the community and in need of someone to talk to regarding all types of abuses including bullying and unhealthy dating relationships. See our Youth & Teen Services page for more details.


Are advocates legal authorities?

No. Advocates are not licensed in any sort of way to practice law. However, they do have years of experience with attending court appointments for survivors in need of help throughout our community. They are knowledgeable as to what to expect and can offer support in the way of personal presence throughout these processes.