I wanted to share with you an exciting new group Turningpoint has launched in 2023. This week, we began our LGBTQ+ Survivors support group. This group is designed to bring together LGBTQ+ survivors of intimate partner and/or sexual violence in a healing and transformative way, to discuss the barriers and triumphs of healing from violence as an LGBTQ+ person.
This group is open, meaning anyone may join at any time, and will meet every Tuesday from 6-7:30p via Zoom, to ensure that the group remains accessible and functional for as many participants as possible. We hope to include survivors from all over the state of Wisconsin, and across the country.
If you would like more information, or know survivors or clients who may be interested in this group, please send an email to serenityh@turningpoint-wi.org or visit our website for a description and directions on how to join at www.turningpoint-wi.org